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APP Launch

Experiential handling with AppsFlyer / Adjust to wrap for an actual APP launch on Google & iOS, along with H5 web pack according to specific business nature. With more than three years of experience, we are standing by to solve your problems and difficulties. From an developer account, to the APK for launching, our item checklist shall be the best tool for your APP to launch without concerns.

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@Google Play

No Source Codes Required
All you need to provide will just be the APP installation pack in AAB format or a H5 web pack ready.

Immediate Approval
Suitable approval plan is provided with refined skills and experience, an approval will just take you 24 hours to process through.

Best Team
Professional backup team will be ready around you, to avoid any unexpected disapproval.

Fees will only be charged when your APP is literally launch. No success, no charge.

After-sale Service
Upon a successful launch, if the APP taken off in 15 days, a free-of-charge relaunch will be provided without conditions.

What can Gato do for you?


Android Detox

To solve issues with APK virus detection,to avoid leakage or decompile.

Google Play Store

Feasible APP launch on Google.

Apple App Store

Launch & Obtain a result in 2-hour and hence resolving the 4.3 concern.

Custom Sockpuppet

To customize a Sockpuppet ID for APP launch without issues.

Sockpuppet Package

Suitable & immediately accessible to any H5 product websites.

Wrap-Web APP

By providing H5 link,icon  name to wrap Sockpuppet as apk / ipa /aab format.

APP Launch Solutions

Registration of Developer
Under corporate / institute / personal name.

Application Process
1-on-1 professional correspondence, to speed up the approval internally.

ICON/Splash Screen
Just a name, hence a one click ICON / Splash Screen​.

iOS cannot be packaged
AP on Google StoreThe real source of P, first put it on the shelf and then charge, and no charge if unsuccessful.

Agreement Editor
Just one click for an online agreement right away.

Technical Support
Tasks in record, AI to assist matching up relevant corporate or team.

Commercial Image Edit
Another click to edit & refine the image you need.

Successful Cases

Completion of >300 clients for APP launch!

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Contact Us.


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