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Worldwide Media Platforms &

Channels – Register & Maintenance

YukiSurprise obtained the connections with worldwide online advertising account registrations & best-return business resources, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LINE, etc. as well along with their account setup benefits & discounts.

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High Return Advertising Platforms – Register & Maintenance

YukiSurprise works on advertising platforms as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LINE, Trafficjunky and Exoclick. By cooperating amoung these advertising spaces, it becomes handy to reach a spreadover more than 200 countries & regions. With the accumulated reports & tool for anti-cheating flow, your product / service shall reach worldwide at once.

Service Content

Registration Service

Popular online platforms coverage, for your high value targets & markets.

Support online media & advertising channels as Google / Facebook / TikTok / YouTube / Dable / LINE.

Advertising Service

Unions built on Google / Facebook / TikTok / any DSP channels.

CPI / CPA / CPS advertising idea pitch, texting & production.

Top-up Service

To manage social media mainpages.

Website buildup & SEO refine.

Plugin backend data monitor, GA or Facebook resolutions, to track and calculate GTM data.

We Support

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Google ADs Mode
— Youtube —

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SEO Setting

Be detail minded with the best-matching kewords for your business.

Countries & Regions Setup

Aim your targeted countrie & regions for your best payback.

Device Setup

Just name and aim at Android / iOS / PC / VR Devices / Online TV etc.

Brower Setting

To specify aim your targeted groups and lists of visitors.

Time Setup

Specific time during a day/week for your targeted audience.

Interests & Targets

Assisting to define your specific targets and to present your business directly.

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Successful Case


Investment APP

Client Request:Brand new game APP on multi-platforms require massive downloads, so that to obtain high rate in operation data and profitable vision in short period of time.

Solution:In accordance to above demand, Facebook ad was chosen. With the product features as well as the attractive materials packaging, the APP had sufficiently taken up a place in Germany market. 45% of downloads and 30% of registration rates were recorded in the first week of promotion started.

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