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App Marketing Services

  • Outcome-Based Services for Apps Promotion

  • Multi advertisement pricing model (CPA/CPS/CPI)

  • Flexible advertisment stragatey 

Advertising Pricing Model

Multiple Ways Of Calculation

CPI: Cost Per Installation
CPA: Cost Per Action
CPS: Cost Per Sales

Measurement Platform

Support connection to the AppsFlyer & Adjust, reliably confirms data sources.

All-Round Services

Promote your Apps or websites with a satisfied ROI.


Area Coverage

Over 15,000,000 DAU(Daily Active User)worldwide are ready for you, and it also grows to 400,000-600,000 per day. Most of our traffic sources come from the Americas, South Asia, Indonesia, the Middle East, and other regions.

Native Advertising

● Users would experience richer social features when using the function of WhatApp mods.
● It is easier for users to download the APP as they click-through to a native ad page with short video content.
● Gradually increase the download rate from native advertisement owing to the featured campaigns sponsored by advertisers.


Great Traffic Network

We have connected with a wide range of apps partners and let your product be exposed to our network instantly.

Audience Recommendation

Sophisticated algorithm matching and audience recommendation system.


Promote your ads to our partners' viewports on a multi-platform.

Case Study

We've helped our client launch a featured APP campaign in our great mobile apps network in Indonesia. 



Increase the ROI up to 70%

Boost App installs up to 4500 per day

Service Procedure

Yuki Surprise 客制数字营销平台 完整文字版_33.png

Superior partners involved in various fields

Make sure your business goal is achieved

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