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Digital Marketing Services

We've served thousands of clients globally and helped them achieve their marketing goals and grow their businesses.

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

Fanpage Management

Account Establishment & Management

Manage your entire Facebook account, handle everything from opening account to creating featured posts.

Localized Content Feed Creation

Tailor localized Facebook content and post frequency guaranteed.

Hashtags Research 

Tag the best hashtags according to your brand's niche and topicality.

Fan Engagement

Actively engage the right audiences and foster better relations within the community.

Facebook Performance Report

Regularly generate the performance report to you and adjust the advertising strategy instantly.

Yuki Surprise helps you create an exquisite Facebook Fanpage, saving your time and energy.


Facebook/Google Advertising

Facebook Ad Account Management

One-stop service to account setup and management, saving your time for running advertising campaigns.

Conversion Pixel Tracking

We set up GTM, GA, Facebook Pixel tracking to monitor and make adjustments to further improve the ads performance.

Data Analysis Report

Make result visible by generating professional growth charts regularly.

Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

We make conversion-oriented Facebook ads and use high-quality images to engage with your target audience.

Facebook Optimization

From optimizing your ad schedule to tailor campaign objectives, our specialists ensure your ads generate clicks.

Strategy Suggestion

Target your audience with a creative content strategy, and optimize your conversion rate with A/B testing.


Difference between Yuki and other agency

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​Yuki Surprise supports your overseas promotion safely and efficiently.

Data Analysis Track

Powerful GTM/GA4/firebase/pixel support, keeping your ads on track!

With advanced technology in monitoring, analyzing and forecasting, our team makes conversion-oriented advertising services for you.


Service Procedure

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Service Cases

Case study: Financial Investment App


Region: Germany


Campaign Objectives: precisely target the audiences and localized the ads group, quickly understand the german's users behavior, and optimize the advertising strategy.

Solution:  We suggest our clients choose Facebook ads for their first priority of distribution channel when dividing into in germany markets, the first week of the campaign performance is very satisfied, and the download & registration rate is 45% and 30% respectively. 

About Us

Yuki Surprise helps companies adapt to the digital age by bringing advertisement technology innovation to the marketing sphere. Our vision is to be the most desirable performance marketing company in Asia.

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